Ways Microsoft 365 Can Enable the Hybrid Office

As COVID becomes a more seasonal and manageable phenomenon, many businesses and organizations are beginning to return to what some call a “new normal”. For some that might include a return to the office space and a resume of business travel as usual. On many of our calls these days, we’re hearing partners and prospective clients asking some version of the question “are you all traveling yet?” with more frequency. It’s understandable. As so many people are quick to point out during the ensuing discussion, there’s nothing like getting in a room together to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and really dig into work communally.

What is multi-factor authentication And Why Every Business Should Utilize It

There’s a big chance that you’ve heard the term ‘Multi-Factor Authentication’ a couple of times but just in other forms. Does ‘two-step verification’ sound familiar to you? If you’re using Google, more than likely you’ll say yes. Most websites nowadays require this procedure to check if you’re either a hacker or a hack bot. Let’s […]